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Kartavya foundation is an NGO established with the aim of working towards common social aims and helping individuals and communities come together to build a better future.
"The miracle is this, the more we share, the more we have- Leonard Nimoy"



Shiva Kumar Sethy,   Managing Trustee: Shiva is a dedicated and humble working professional who comes with 5+ years of experience in managing advertising and media industry.
With his keen eye to spot problems, Shiva comes up with innovative solutions for the common good. Prior to Kartavya foundation he has worked with firms like Britannia Industries, Panasonic, SOEPL, Sai Advertisers in the past. Currently, he manages the responsibilities of a media director in Balaji media Group, Bangalore, and uses his business acumen and marketing skills to build and implement aggressive advertising campaigns.

Buddhadeb Paramanik,   Managing Trustee: An advocate for sustainable development, Buddhadeb is an MBA graduate backed by 5+ years in the professional domain. His primary field of work involves media and advertising. Presently he serves as the Chief operating officer in Balaji media group. He has worked with esteemed institutions like Tikona Digital Network, MPS, Abbot India and Kores India in the past.

Rashmi Narayan,   Managing Trustee:
Rashmi is associated with Kartavya Foundation since its inception in 2018. He is the man behind the money and works relentlessly towards funds management, With his deep knowledge of finance and operations, he brings more than half a decade of experience to the table. A BTech. & PGDM graduate, he has successfully worked with Mercer, Target India and Equifax Analytics.

Ajoy Kumar,   Executive Director: Ajoy is the heart and brains behind the idea of Kartavya Foundation. He has a firm conviction in his beliefs to work towards betterment of the society and is dedicated to taking the initiatives of Kartavya Foundation to their ultimate fulfillment.