“Doing Good is an investment that never fails” - Henry David Thoreau

At Kartavya Foundation, our efforts are directed mainly toward welfare and protection of women, children and our natural surroundings.

We work for the interests of downtrodden communities, getting them access to basic necessities of life and developing the skills of talented individuals. We have taken it upon us to give a better life and spreading smiles with all our programs.

Currently, we are involved with these fields of work:

EDUCATION: We aim to bring about educational equity for all the children in India, ensuring a decline in the rate of early dropouts and provision of basic school supplies to under-resourced schools.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Helping people by educating them with various skills necessary to earn a livelihood, making them capable enough to sustain and empowering them to be entrepreneurs.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS: The key aim here is to provide world class affordable healthcare facilities to backward societies, who lack even basic medical care while focusing on hygiene and disease prevention.

SPORTS: Spotting and Nurturing talent at grassroots level, with the aim to help them play for the nation and establish a career. Also, providing platforms to deserving para athletes to get the spotlight.

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: Providing women with education, basic hygiene facilities, and making a safe environment. Working towards eradication of social stigma and social evils such as women abuse, sex trade, female foeticide etc.

CONSERVATION OF ENVIRONMENT, WILDLIFE AND NATURAL RESOURCES: Working to save energy, protect environmental resources against degradation, disaster management, maintaining ecological balance, protection of endangered wildlife, and tackling illegal exploitation of natural resources.